Echo Spot Review – Echo Show squeezed into an Alarm Clock

Echo Spot

The Amazon has launched Echo Spot which is basically A smaller and budgeted version of Echo show. The new Echo Spot is a cute circular-screened device, which looks like an alarm clock. Basically, it’s like bulky echo show has been squeezed into an alarm clock. It has its own 2.5-inch display that can provide visual […]

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Echo Review: The best home assistant

Echo Review

Choosing a home assistant is a task for your smart home since it’s an expensive adventure with long term investment in nature. Surely, one would like to go with the best one but how will you decide which is the best among all the three available in the market i.e. Amazon echo, google home and […]

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Echo Show Review: A Smart Assistant with a Screen

Echo Show

Echo show is primarily an Echo with a screen. There will lot of hats going in the air saying why we need a screen with voice assistant whose main purpose is to perform everything through voice commands. Also, we have smartphone and tablets for doing this. The reason that I could figure out after using Echo show for […]

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