Echo Show Review: A Smart Assistant with a Screen

Echo Show

Echo show is primarily an Echo with a screen. There will lot of hats going in the air saying why we need a screen with voice assistant whose main purpose is to perform everything through voice commands. Also, we have smartphone and tablets for doing this.

The reason that I could figure out after using Echo show for some days as they help in scrolling through product catalogs on Amazon without the need to open smartphone or computer. Earlier, I have to give the specific command to Alexa for reordering but now if I ask Alexa to buy me washing powder the screen lights up showing different washing powder options from Amazon to flip through.

This new Echo show now gives more options to you of interacting with Alexa, while the voice remains the primary input and now we have screen being the secondary one. Also, one can perform video calls through it which was earlier not possible to do.


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Key highlights

  • First Echo with TouchScreen: The Amazon Echo Show is the first Echo with a display, earlier versions didn’t have any screens
  • The touchscreen enables new functions: The screen has opened up a whole new array of functions which earlier it could not perform video chat, watch TV shows, etc. Thus, increasing the range of functions Echo can performEcho Show
  • Price: It’s the most expensive of all the Echo out their owing primarily to its new screen which increases the range of functions it can perform. But, considering the fact you can get $100 on purchase of two it’s a pretty good deal
  • Speakers are good but not great: When I was performing echo review, especially speakers I have found there sound quality better than previous version Echo’s. However, if you want a music listening/streaming device only you can get a lot better at these price ranges but Echo is not all about music playing function it has a wider role. But still, it has decent speakers and better than original echo and google home
  • Video Chat: I have tried it personally clear and neat video stream


  • Makes existing Alexa features better with onscreen visuals like a timer, lists, etc.
  • Echo show can play YouTube videos
  • Provides visuals search results
  • Interface is easy to use
  • Sound quality is better than other Echo versions
  • Initiating video calls between Shows is very easy


  • At present, there are not enough screen-enable skills available but this is more likely to get addressed with time
  • Design is not as elegant as it’s case of other Echo
  • Its overall bulky and most expensively priced smart home assistant
  • Lacks privacy controls: Videos chats pop out automatically once you add people to the list. Thus, breaches one’s privacy and person is likely to tap the camera to avoid it.
  • Sound quality is not better at the given price range
  • Camera lacks the ability to tackle backlit rooms


Personally, I liked the Echo Show very much since it broadens the range of function an Echo can perform. Like, hands-free video calling command center. Also, It’s good to have certain things/information on the screen like product catalogs, ability to see who is at the outdoor, search results, lists, etc. Further, one should remember the time when the first echo came out and how over the last two years skills have grown so much better. Thus, one should definitely give this new born Echo show baby a chance to grow.

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Let’s Look at Echo Show Hardware

  • Design: First of all in terms of look, you will be surprised to see it. It’s not at all like sleek cylindrical Echo we have seen in its past models. In its new avatar, it’s larger in size, broader at its base, have an angular body and blocky device.
  • Back Surface: The device surface is a bit of letdown especially the back surface which easily picks up the fingerprints. Personally, I feel Amazon could have done a much better work at this. Since you won’t be moving much this device I think one can do with it.
  • Device Base: The device is broader at its base since its host two speakers which in terms of sound quality is way better than Echo previous versions. Thus, it very well compensates users for its broader base.
  • Touchscreen: Echo show top hosts a 7inch touch screen with 1024 x 600 resolution, which is not very great as our mobiles got more enhanced screens these days. However, If one takes into account purpose of the screen it’s more than enough. As users will be looking at the screen for short intervals or tasks and not for longer duration. For this, it has required brightness, the viewing angle is good and provides a clear image.
  • Video Camera: Placed on top of the device and has 5 mega pixel camera, which is quite decent. Thus, giving it the ability to perform video chat
  • Buttons: The Echo show hosts three buttons near top i.e. one mute and two volume buttons

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