Nest Learning Thermostat 3rd Generation Review 2017

Nest learning thermostat
Smart Thermostat

Originally launched in 2012, the Nest Learning Thermostat has over the period of time graduated to the 3rd generation version, which carries significant and noticeable improvements over the 2nd generation nest. This new nest is bit pricey (To check the latest price – Click here) but does offer a lot more in terms enhanced self-learning capabilities, a slimmer design, a larger LCD, Bluetooth support, and geofencing technology. Thus, making the nest learning thermostat far better and among the best available in the market.

Key highlights of nest learning thermostat

  • Self-Learning:

    Nest thermostat t3007es is one of the only Wi-Fi thermostats which learns from daily routines, temperature preferences and adjust according to each family member’s preferences. In 3rd generation Nest, the company has further enhanced the learning capabilities of the Nest wi-fi thermostat or smart thermostat which is more evident for the people that have used the second generation version.Nest Learning Thermostat

  • Autonomous:

    Nest is largely autonomous and can do auto scheduling without the need for doing programming.

  • Auto-away:

    Auto-away automatically adjusts the thermostat’s temperature when you are not at home or family members are not at home. It tracks you and your family members through the location of your mobile device

  • Nest App:

    App has definitely improved a lot over the previous generations – programming the daily schedule is simple, adjusting the temperature when away from home is great (particularly being able to turn the temperature back up) and the usage history information is surprisingly helpful.

    • Key tip:

      Don’t try and program the Nest thermostat t3007es directly – download the app right away, connect to the internet, and do everything there. One of the few home automation tools that actually makes sense.

  • Elegant Design and Superior Display:

    3rd generation Nest is bigger and thinner. But the design remained same & elegant with superior display resolution. Also, it allows for analog or digital displays, which transform the Nest screen into a clock on a wall. The new nest has received screen enhancement, which has increased the screen viewing by 40% with an enhanced screen resolution of 229 pixels per inch.

  • Easy to install:

    This is the greatest concern for everyone who buys Nest but believes me this is one device which you can easily install within 20 minutes. The instructions for installations are clearly given and easy to follow as well as connecting wires are pretty well outlined. There is practically no need for an HVAC specialist to come and install it. Here is a customer review on installation from Amazon

    • I took the risk to install it by myself and it works!! Easy to install and monitor from wherever you are!. Some of the old thermostats don’t have the Y1 Y2 and W1 W2…(some letters followed by a number), I thought I’ll face a problem but you just simply connect your old Y to the Y1 and the W to the W1!


  • Self-Learning capabilities – Nest smart thermostat self-learning capabilities is the best compared to any other smart thermostat in the market
  • Remote management via mobile app
  • Improved app – The smart thermostat app has witnessed significant improvement over the previous generations
  • Sleek design and slightly thinner & larger the previous generations of nest smart thermostat
  • Easy to install – One can install it within 20 minutes without the need of an HVAC specialist
  • Supports voice command via Alexa and Google Home


  • Doesn’t have remote rooms sensors. If you are among those for whom remote room sensors is a must-have feature than you should go for the Ecobee 3
  • Expensive compared to other smart thermostats available in the market. However, this gets compensated by rebates and higher savings on your electricity bill owing to its superior self-learning capabilities.
  • Only provides two-year warranty, which is shorter than the industry average of three years

Verdict – Nest is the Best Smart Thermostat in the Market

Despite being costing more and lacking remote sensors, Nest learning thermostat is still no doubt the best in the market owing to its superior self-learning capabilities, automatic scheduling feature and incredibly efficient in reducing your electricity bill. Thus, if your goal is to get the best smart thermostat which pays for itself over the period of time. I would recommend you buy Nest 3rd Generation Learning Thermostat.

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Should one buy nest 3rd generation thermostat (Model no. t3007es)

The answer is definitely yes and owing to the four main reasons which are as follow

  1. The nest is the leader in smart thermostat market: Remember nest is titled as the leader in smart thermostat both by the industry veterans as well as customers. Read out all the positive reviews of their products and you can get the idea why they are titled as the leader. In case of smart home products, one should always go with the leader in that particular technology to get the best value for money.
  2. Most advanced self-learning capability: Nest has the most advanced self-learning capability in a smart thermostat in the market.
  3. Reduces electricity bill by 15%-20%: Nest 3rd generation thermostat has reported by users to reduce their electricity bill by 15%-20% on an average per month.
  4. Power provider’s rebate on Nest: Nest has partnered with a lot of power providers which provides the rebate or gets nest price refunded to them by their providers as it helps them lower their peak electricity demand. So, you reduce your electricity bill and pays very little or nothing for the device what else you want.

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How to get rebate on your Nest 3rd generation thermostat

Nest has tied-up with a large number of energy providers, which results in customer getting an instant rebate or free nest device from the provider. Why energy companies give a rebate or offer nest for free because they want you to lower energy demand during rush hours through energy savings.

Below are the steps to check, whether your provider is running any rebate or offer for nest learning thermostat

Step1: visit Nest website and click on energy partner page –

Step2: Scroll down to the last section and enter your pin code to find which energy partners are giving a rebate or any other offer in your location.

Step3: Go through the offer and if you are eligible to apply for the same. Usually, rebate ranges from totally free device to $100 off.

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How to install Nest learning thermostat 3rd generation

Installing Nest 3rd generation thermostat or Nest thermostat t3007es is very simple and easy. Also, if you have installed 2nd generation Nest thermostat you will find it way easier than before. Overall set up will take around 10-20 minutes of your time and you can do it yourself. Since I am not a specialist in HVAC installation and most of you are like me, I would recommend go through the detailed tutorial from Nest and follow each of the steps outlined by them to install the nest at your home.

Some installation tips from my side

  • Switch Off HVAC system: Before initiating nest installation, you must switch off your heating and cooling system
  • Label wires: Use the stickers to label the wires provided in the box at the start of the installation itself.
  • Update Nest Software: I would highly recommend you do software upgrade at the initial stage itself. You can skip it but it’s a no go from my side.
  • Connect it with each house member smartphone: One of the features of the nest 3rd generation thermostat is it tracks who is in the house. This is done by your nest only if you have installed the app on each family member smartphone. This feature itself saves a lot of electricity as well as perform temperature customization according to the person at home.

The Nest Thermostat box will contain all the required things for you. Example, detailed instruction manual, own screwdriver that has Phillips and flathead fittings, two mounting screws, a wall plate and mount. Also, there are stickers are provided with the nest kit so that one doesn’t lose track of wires while installation.

After fixating thermostat on the wall, the display gets power on and takes 30 seconds to boot up. It will take you through next steps and ask for some basic information from your side. For ex, verifying zip code, home type, the location of the thermostat in the house, type of HVAC system, etc. The setup process is very quick. Also, you can use stainless steel dial to select options on the menu by turning it left and right. The selection of an option can be done by pressing the dial. Further, temperature settings can be done from thermostat display, pc or mobile app.

Key technical aspects of Nest 3rd generation thermostat

  • Display: Color screen with 24-bit color LCD, 480×480 pixel resolution at 229 pixel per inch (PPI), 5.3cm (2.08″) diameter
  • Body: Stainless steel ring
  • Sensors: Temperature, Humidity, Near-field activity, Far-field activity, ambient light.
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Languages: English, French, Spanish, Dutch.
  • Connectivity requirements
    • Wi-Fi connection with Internet access.
    • Phone or tablet with iOS 8 or later, or Android 4 or later.
    • Free Nest account

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Hope you found above article on Nest learning thermostat 3rd Generation Review helpful. Also, you can read our other latest reviews here.

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