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Roku Streaming Stick
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Imagine yourself coming home from a very long, hard and tiring day. You are worn-out, drained and you want to relax just a bit. You want to get unplugged from all the stress the world could offer. Now, imagine yourself sitting down on your favorite couch in front of the television with the remote in your hand and a nice drink on the other. You switched the television on and you started flicking channel after channel. You are looking for something that can turn yourself away from all the tension and pressure of the day. But you find none. No interesting channels. No praiseworthy shows. Now, you are annoyed. Dead tired and frustrated, you turn off the television. Between the television and your bed, you choose the latter and just go to sleep. Your supposedly “I-can-now-relax-time” became another source of your building stress.

Now, let’s stop imagining. Even without imagining, many can relate. You, yourself had experienced it once or maybe a couple of times or maybe everyday even. You are not alone. Many people come home to the same scenario every day. Finding the perfect entertainment should have been the easiest and most relaxing part of the day but turns out to be the exact opposite. The perfect way to enjoy a long day gone wrong.

Is There Any Other Option?

Well, you do not have to choose sleep all the time now. Roku, the company which brought to us streaming for the television just came up lately with another technology that will surely take us one step ahead of finding the perfect entertainment in the comfort of our couches. With the introduction of the new Roku Streaming Stick (3600R), gone are those days when we have to pay the costly amount of gaining access to the entertainment we deserve. With this device, entertainment is only within a few clicks and plugins.

Roku streaming stick is a cheap and very affordable option and you can get one for less than 50 dollars. It is a portable device, the size of a grown man’s thumb that is inserted into a television’s HDMI port and it comes with a remote, USB cable and USB wall plug, no need to purchase anything extra. With the device inserted in the television, one can stream an endless selection of different varieties of movies, hottest news and wide genre of music with the exception of Apple services and exciting games. The selection includes Netflix, Hulu live streams, VUDU, HBO Go, Youtube and other internet video services.  You will get to enjoy loads and loads of free channels and applications.

This portable device and its remote are very easy to set up and use that one can even teach grannies to operate one. Streaming performance of this product is superb and navigation is easy. Aside from the wide varieties of entertainment selection, this product also offers smartphones based controls and more improved features. A better choice not just for yourself, but to your family as well. Just imagine the money you can save from the costly cable bills that is not even worth it and the stress that can be precluded from watching the same, boring thing over and over again once you have one Roku streaming stick in your possession. Roku streaming stick provides an experience a lot more exciting than a cable service that comes at a very affordable price.

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So what makes up your new Roku streaming stick (3600R)?

The best part of opening the package is the moment you find that there’s not much inside the simple green packaging where it comes in. You will be surprised to see a lot more different Roku device if you have the experience of purchasing preceding Roku models. Inside the green box is a smaller but longer Roku Streaming Stick compared to what it looked like in its earlier models. It also comes with an elegant matte black color which many find more attractive than the older purple color which many find a bit more kid-friendly than adult friendly.Roku streaming stick

The included remote control inside the package is also a better version of its old self. The old glossy finish has been changed to a matte black color, making it match with the streaming stick in color and finish. The dimensions of the remote were still the same and many find it a bit annoying because it wobbles on flat and hard surfaces. The orientation of the buttons was also improved by placing the okay button at the middle of the navigational pad, making it easier for the user to associate the convenience of an ordinary remote to the new Roku streaming stick remote.

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Let’s Talk About Roku Streaming Stick Hardware – Buy Now

Now talking about what Roku streaming stick (3600R) can do. This device has a powerful quad-core processor and fast dual wireless band. It has eight times more processing power and broader buffer memory compared to other Roku products and competing brands.

The streaming stick also comes with an improved wifi connectivity. Roku stick uses 802.11a/b/g/n dual-band wireless connectivity which is the latest technology. This provides a stronger bond and a wider area of connection meaning video quality is not very affected by weak signals.

One of its most interesting features is its compact design which is the most compact design Roku has ever built, defeating also the compactness of other existing brands like the Amazon and Apple streamRoku Streaming Stick

ing devices. The stick only measures as big as a grown-up thumb and weighs a little heavier than your usual flash disk. Because it is portable and pocket size, it can be carried and inserted to any HDTVs in your homes, offices, hotel rooms and anywhere you wanted to enjoy the selection it offers and as long as there is internet service available through WiFi in the area.

Imagine Roku’s biggest and most grown technology now being the smallest but fastest, cleverer and seeker. This is how Roku defines growth in a faster and more competitive electronic world.

Roku streaming stick (3600R) has a full HD support meaning you can enjoy high-definition programs without worrying about the video quality. You can expect that the video will give you a very fine quality of details and richer colors. Imagine seeing Tom Cruise up to the tiniest detail on the screen like seeing him in person. This is the high definition that the new Roku streaming stick (3600R) provides you.

Also, it provides its users with good search results and recommends top channels where one can find cheap or even free shows. What’s amazing also about Roku streaming stick (3600R) is how it gives you immediately the best shows as the shows like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Go and other famous channels have their own buttons on the provided remote control. The best TV programs are just one click away, removing that downtime you usually spend on searching and deciding where and what to watch. This device supports Miracast screen mirroring and DIAL send to TV functionality.

This amazing streaming stick also comes up with a mobile application which enables you to cast your personal media on your television, giving you also unique remote capabilities. The device also has the ability to use the app in locations where you need to log into wifi of hotels and other places.

The Roku streaming stick also has the ability to stream audio to the Roku application that can be installed on iOS and Android Smartphones. The only difference, when compared to its older models, is its incapacity to stream analog audio to their remote controls. However, the new features enable the Roku streaming stick’s streaming removed the lag problems from the older versions and it comes up with far better sound quality.

The device’s remote control also comes up with a better power system as it is powered by a cell phone battery making it better than the usual AAA batteries which run out easily when the headphone connection with the remote is being used.Roku Streaming Stick

What is more amazing is that there are television brands that partnered with Roku in providing you an overall entertainment experience by having partnering TV brands provide an additional feature on their Television’s on-screen interface which allows easier connection and installation of the Roku streaming stick models and provides extra boxes for various inputs like HDMI, antenna, cable and A/V. This feature, however, varies per TV model and brand manufacturer.

The new Roku Streaming Stick (3600R) also comes with an amazing 4K external storage which gives you the luxury of expanding the initial amazing features and the option to store saved TV shows, applications, and games. This is something that most customers are overlooking. The Roku streaming stick can be connected via Ethernet connection and can play media stored on flash disks.

How Does Roku Streaming Stick Works?

So here is how it works, once the Roku streaming stick is plugged in your television’s port, it picks up the WiFi signal from your internet. It is as easy as connecting to a WiFi signal on your smartphones.

Once connected, you’ll have to register and set up a Roku account. After the account is activated, it is only then you can download for free or purchase from the generous selection of Roku’s applications and overhauls. You do not have to pay monthly subscriptions to use the service, view channels and utilize the apps. However, there are certain TV service subscriptions like Sling, Amazon Prime, Netflix and Playstation Vue which will need subscription payment.

Faster internet service connection proves to provide better video quality and good streaming experience. It also has a sleep-like mode. When not in use and you can wake it by simply hitting the home button.

Roku streaming stick is an amazingly fast as it only takes 27 seconds to boot, which is three times faster than its preceding models. Opening apps are also fast as the Netflix and other programs only take 5 seconds to open.

Roku streaming stick has received a lot of positive reviews due to the comfort and better service it offers compared to its earlier versions and other existing competitions. However, there are still a lot of things that should be upgraded in this product.

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In Which Areas The Roku Streaming Stick Lacks?

One is the period of time it takes for the remote to pair with the device itself. It should be made shorter because not everyone is fond of waiting, especially the older ones. There should also be a slight upgrade with the remote. Some users had complained that the remote doesn’t respond that fast and the button for turning the volume up and down is lacking. But one cannot deny that the remote is quite better than the previous versions of Roku devices. It looks sleeker and provides better grip.

Some complaints of the pain of setting up all the passwords. A password manager application will be a good addition and solution over this concern. A good standard interface will also be a good upgrade.

And while Roku has an unparalleled selection of everything you can think of, many think that quantity had overshadowed the quality. Some applications and shows are, well, not really that helpful or interesting in a way. But hey, thorough looking proved to be rewarding. There are actual gems and classics in their selections.

It is also quite disappointing that the streaming stick lacks voice recognition and a headphone jack for private listening which is present on the pricier Roku 3 and 4. But there is a Roku mobile app available for both iOS and Android users which enable these features.

This product does not actually have local channels. One need a digital antenna to access those which is actually a bummer.

One thing Roku overlooked that not all television models offer a good spot for insertion of long streaming stick. This was fixed by Amazon and Google by providing an extra HDMI extension dongle in the package that solves this issue.

Many users have also commented on the short power cable and the model’s design of placing a right angle misco-USB end. The short power cable is good for connecting the stick to the USB port of the TV. But not so convenient if the customer prefers a wall mount charger over the USB port. The length of the cable is too short to reach a wall outlet.

How Does Roku Streaming Stick Fare Against Its Main Rivals?

There are available products of the same genre as the Roku streaming stick available in the market now.

Amazon Fire Stick Vs. Roku Streaming Stick

Amazon’s Fire TV stick which also comes with a remote and has access to quite a lot of selections. It is the same price in the market as Roku’s. However, it’s not as fast and requires more buffering time.

The Amazon’s Fire TV is built in with a voice assistant, Alexa. It provides an edge over Roku’s manual search and assistance option. However, Roku has managed to build a default voice search option and the ability to arrange favorites and feeds according to the preference of the user.

Roku has more channels you can add by searching compared to the later. Some common issues one can find while reading the reviews for this product are connectivity issues and playback errors. Amazon also has the Fire TV which when combined with their own streaming stick gives a lot of additional features. However, this product only uses voice search with no available text-based options.

When compared to their own streaming stick, Amazon offers a cheaper entertainment at only $40. As expected, Amazon devices are mostly Amazon content. This means search results will often lead you back to Amazon, so there’s not much exploring.   Amazon’s Fire TV stick is good but it would need more features to catch up with Roku’s streaming stick. If you are after games, this product will be really good for you.Read our detailed review of Amazon Fire Stick

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Interested in Amazon Fire Stick – Read our detailed review of Amazon Fire Stick

 Google Chromecast Vs. Roku Streaming Stick

Another product that can rival the Roku streaming stick is the Google Chromecast. It’s considered by some as one of the most versatile devices ever made. It lacks a remote control and is quite cheaper compared to the first two products. Yes, you can stream music, movies, and apps with this product but the selection is limited. Features are way behind the streaming stick and fire TV stick. It lacks menu-based interface and doesn’t have storage. But among the other two, it is the easiest to use and simplest to understand and the most non-restrictive. This non-restrictive search option allows Google Chromecast to offer cross-platform search. This is an amazing feature but the availability of channels is nothing compared to what Roku streaming stick offer.

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Apple TV 4K Vs. Roku Streaming Stick

And there’s Apple TV 4K. As expected of Apple, it is quite high-priced compared to the first three products. But you would be awed with its excellent interface and you can view everything in ultra-high definition. Unfortunately, it is way too beyond third party support so you can’t expect a wide range of services for streaming.

The next question that you would probably be asking is how long this device is going to stay on top of other devices.

With the technology and all the features it offers. This device will surely secure its place on top for a long time. As other devices will surely catch up, Roku must have devices with something new to defeat other models again.

Roku always keeps you up to date with its latest upgrades and updates, which help you keep its interface clean and tidy while providing new handy features every time it receives an update.

This device is guaranteed to be more durable than other brands as it is built with only the best materials. The hard plastic that encloses the device is hard plastic and doesn’t break apart with force when dropped accidentally.

You can always use your phone as a replacement for the remote control if ever the remote malfunctions one day.

Roku is also very helpful in-home services whenever you need service with your device. They also provide an online support where anyone can contact 24/7 to provide answers to questions. Their website is also always ready to address the concerns of their customers.

Most People Will Choose Roku streaming Stick over others

Given the chance to choose among the available devices to make your streaming experience worth it. The majority would chose the first product who captured not just their pocket and attention, but also their techy side, many would go for Roku streaming stick.

Affordability is no question. This actually fits the budget of the masses. Ease of use is commendable. No need for tech support for directions and instructions. And it goes with a manual so no need to freak out all the time. There is hardly any chance one can get bored given the ginormous selection it offers. Listen to music all you want and sing along with your favorite band. Stream all the funny videos available until you can’t get enough. Cry over the sad and happy endings of movies, watch shows every night and invite friends to come over. Play games with your special someone if you have one. You won’t have to be stressed out of simple things like choosing what to watch listen to or enjoy with. With Roku streaming stick enjoying is within a flick of your finger.

Imagine yourself again, coming home from a long tiring, exhausting day. Before sitting down, you toss your shoes around the corner and plug in your Roku streaming stick on your television. Imagine sitting down on your favorite couch in front of the television. You get the remote then check for the TV series everyone’s talking about. You find it within a minute. Imagine yourself smiling and sighing out of contentment. Now, stop imagining and buy yourself a Roku streaming stick and be entertained all you want.

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